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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 22, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PST

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feverishly discussed as a possible candidate for senate. now, he's addressing the suggest in a candid, cuss word-laced interview. and a pile of dirt and a rock into a diamond engagement ring. a magic proposal that's gone viral. and the happy couple will join us live. every time we do one of these stories about these proposals, it makes me feel completely inedadequate about m proposal to my wife. >> that's a sweet story. we're going to talk to them later in the show. we have a busy morning. it's one week after the newtown shooting tragedy. we finally heard from the national rifle association. the nra chief, making his case
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for armed guards at schools. this is more than four dozen stars lend their voices to a new video to end gun violence. we'll tell you about their message coming up. and mayor michael bloomberg spoke out about this. also coming up this morning, on a lighter note, the extraordinary new bionic body suit technology, making miracles for people who never thought they would walk again. we're going to hear from these people. their stories are extraordinary. and we congratulate our good friend, sam champion, who got married yesterday to rubem. a small ceremony in sam's manhattan apartment. all of his "gma" pals were there. robin, still recovering from her bone marrow transplant, looking beautiful in red. lara and josh were there, as well. sam champion, a married man. >> that's great. and in honor of sam champion, we're going to lead with the weather this morning. we're going to start with the snow and ice and wind
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creating holiday travel tribulations, including for our own meteorologist, ginger zee, who had a rough ride getting from iowa to chicago. ginger, are you okay? >> i'm okay. we made it. it was a forbidible trip i don't need to do again. i wasn't alone. but here, o'hare, working a lot more smoothly. things are look good here. let's then move straight into what was a problem yesterday. this was the ground zero for frustration. but this morning, the animal migration to the holidays is on. the hub on the travel wheel is turning again at chicago's o'hare. >> can you believe how short the line is? >> i'm so happy. >> i was a little worry. >> reporter: after that storm blanketed the landscape from washington to wisconsin, with preholiday drama. >> a lot of concentrations. two delays. missed one plane by three
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minutes. >> reporter: iowa whiteout led to one of many interstate shutdowns. a blowing snow problem. we were just about to turn around. and then, everyone came to a stop. safely, i should say. but we just learned that there is a major pileup, some 20, 30 miles ahead of us. this could be the backup. 24 hours later, the sides cleared. but the blizzard left us inches along. we're going east on i-80, going about 20 miles per hour. while we crept, the stranded slept. and some stewed. >> this is the fourth time i've been to each desk. >> reporter: he, along with an american legion, were back on time. weather is affecting some travel, especially in the northeast. i want to show you exactly who could be affected today. at early check, there were about 40 cancellations across the nation. and we think there will be more delays in the northeast, thanks to wind gusts. some yesterday up to 60 miles
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per hour. it won't be that bad. but boston, new york, d.c., check ahead. san francisco could have rain issues. fog in l.a. and a lot of people are hitting the roads, too. you need to know what the road conditions are like. fortunately, most of the nation looking pretty good. but slippery stuff in the lee of the lakes there, eastern great lakes. upstate new york. problems in new england, too. and back into the cascades and parts of the rockies. watch out for that. coming up in your nation's weather, i'm going to talk about the deep freeze that's going on in florida. that's right. it's cold in a lot of places. >> low temperatures in florida. get back here safe, ginger. it's been a hectic week for you. we turn, now, to the fiscal cliff getting closer. just ten days until everybody's taxes go up and spending cuts kick in. and washington's a ghost town with no deal in sight. talks halted until after christmas, leaving just a few days to bang out some kind of plan before the deadline. abc's david kerley has the latest from the white house. david, before leaving us on the
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holidays with his family, the president urged lawmakers to find some common ground for these coming days. but it doesn't seem to be happening right now. >> reporter: the president in that same message, gave up on the big deal for right now. he wants a stop-gap measure to keep taxes from going up. and a framework for a deal next year. and the president's not in this house, either. this morning, the president arrived in his home state of hawaii for the holidays. before leaving, he told members of congress to cool down. have some eggnog and christmas cookies and come back and make a deal. >> nobody can get 100% of what they want. and this is not simply a contest between parties, in terms of who looks good and who doesn't. there are real world consequences to what we do here. >> reporter: while members of the house left town, there was a gridlock in front of a fireplace. >> i'm stuck in washington, trying to prevent my fellow
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kentuckians from having to shell out more money to uncle sam next year. >> reporter: the president met with the democratic leader in the senate and house speaker john boehner. but it is a wounded speaker of the house, who was deserted by his fellow republicans when he tried to extend tax rates for everyone but millionaires. >> are you quitting? >> absolutely not. and we're prepared to come back, if needed. >> reporter: a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows 53% of americans believe republicans need less conservative policies. more focused on the middle-class. for now, the halls of congress are empty until next thursday. leaving us closer to taxes going up and massive spending cuts taking effect. unless they can make a deal. >> how we get there, god only knows. >> reporter: the president says, there's still a chance. >> call me a hopeless optimist. but i still think we can get it done. >> reporter: and the president wished everyone a merry christmas. here's the problem, what the president's asking for now, the
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stop-gap measure is what boehner tried to get passed in the house on thursday. but he never brought that bill to the floor, knowing his fellow republicans would not vote for it. so, we have gridlock as we head to the holidays. bianna and dan? >> not encouraging hearing the speaker say god only knows. david kerley, thank you. this is another example of how toxic the atmosphere in washington is right now. when the head of the national rifle association called a news conference in response to the shootings in newtown, you can see he was repeatedly interrupted by protesters. and celebrities are weighing in on this issue. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the nra's solution for the massacre at sandy hook, armed security at every school. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> the nra has blood on its hands. >> reporter: the nra leader had barely begun when protesters blamed the powerful lobby for the nation's epidemic of gun
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violence. >> nra, stop killing our children. >> reporter: but the nra was defiant. after remaining silent in the wake of the worst school shooting in the nation's history, wayne lapierre was on the attack, blaming others for the recent carnage. high on the list, violent video games. >> there exists in this country, a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people. >> reporter: critics pounced. >> the nra's blanket call to arm our schools is really nothing more than a distraction. >> reporter: new york city mayor michael bloomberg called the nra statement a shameful evasion of the crisis. the mayor wants what he calls reasonable restrictions. a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. and bloomberg has a cavalcade of stars demanding action. >> demand a plan. >> reporter: but the nra is making clear, that plan had
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better not infringe on the right of gun owners. for "good morning america," pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> battle lines are clearly drawn. we'll get more on that story, coming up in the broadcast. let's get over to ron for the latest headlines. >> hey, there. good morning, everyone. three people have been arrested for the deadly explosion that devastated an indiana neighborhood last month. the homeowner and boyfriend. there was evidence that the gas lines were tampered with. and a federal judge has given final approval to bp's settlement on the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the oil giant has estimated it will take $7.8 billion to help out businesses and individuals affected by the oil spill. and the tennis umpire who was accused of murdering her
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husband has her job back. prosecutors dropped the case last month against her because of insufficient evidence. goodman was suspended from her job after her arrest in august. and a crowd in texas got more than they bargained for. when they lined up to buy the new air jordan speakers. police doused the crowd, about 200 people, with pepper spray, when people were getting out of control. several people were treated at the scene. quite a scene. and finally, talk about being in the right place at the right time, a police officer in wisconsin rescued a baby in a runaway shopping cart. it was captured on the police dash cam. you see it rolling into traffic. the officer pulled his car into the middle of the road to block oncoming cars. and ran out and saved the baby. i actually did that years ago. i don't like to talk about it.
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modesty. >> so modest, ron claiborne. >> i'll bet his mother ran up and gave him a lot of hugs. >> is that what happened to you? >> shook my hand and went away. ungrateful. maybe she went shopping. we're going to look at the wild weekend at malls, filled with last-minute christmas shoppers. some stores will stay open around the clock, until after christmas. we have team coverage in the final days of shopping. abc's rachel smith looks at where and when to get the best deals with the least amount of stress, if that's possible. and john schriffen will look into whether the bad weather will mean your gifts won't get there in time. how's it looking, rachel? >> reporter: pretty good, bianna. good morning to you. if you still have shopping to do for everyone on your christmas list, you are definitely not alone. there's only three more shopping days left before the big holiday. and stores are staying open around the clock to accommodate
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all those last-minute shoppers. every year, many fall victim to the same routine. you know exactly when christmas is every year. >> i know. and i always mean to plan ahead. >> reporter: extended store hours at macy's nationwide. the one here in new york city, working around the clock. >> check it out. >> reporter: toys "r" us, clocking major overtime. their times square location, open 543-consecutive hours. come retail experts say, it will be a bigger shopping day than black friday, which has even the procrastinators strategizing. >> talking about getting a glass of wine before i started. and i think maybe i probably should have. >> reporter: may not be a bad idea. another helpful tip, shopping at off-peak hours. >> shopping in the middle of the night sounds crazy. but you're likely to get a parking spot. and there's more stuff on the
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shelves. >> reporter: and may come with an added benefit. >> toys, christmas decorations, apparel, jewelry. those things start to get slashed as we get to the last minute. >> reporter: 25%. 30%. 40%. i'm loving these numbers. >> don't be fooled. the sales will be better after christmas. so, if you're shopping for yourself, hold off. just wait. >> reporter: but if you're shopping for this little one -- >> merry christmas. >> reporter: expect to wait in line, like everybody else. a couple of final inside tips for you. a rep from macy's told me the best time to shop is between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. and becky says keep your eyes peeled for electronics. the prices may not come down. but there's incentives with your purchase, like gift cards. >> thank you, rachel. lots of good tips in there. another pressing question this morning. with all of the bad weather and the crush of last-minute shoppers, will your gift be
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delivered on time? john schriffen is on that angle from a fedex location in newark, new jersey. john, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: dan, good morning. a lot of activity this morning. this is fedex's third-largest hub in the country. and a plane just dropped off a shipment. workers are sorting it out right now. we're starting to see an increase in online shopping, fedex expects to set a record number for packages they handle this holiday season. these employees are working overtime and around the clock, to make sure your package is delivered on time. with three days until christmas, santa's little helpers are hard at work. >> i know him. >> reporter: not those helpers. these helpers. delivery companies like u.p.s. and fedex are scrambling to get packages out of their trucks and under your tree. delivering more than 500 packages per second on their peak day alone. >> u.p.s. is on top of this. hopefully you're home when we get there.
4:15 am
>> reporter: l.l. bean sold so many holiday gifts, even its ceo had to help wrap and pack. all this, begging the question. >> will this make it for christmas? >> reporter: that question hairy this year, as last-minute shoppers create a logistical nightmare for shipping companies. many people were forced to procrastinate because of superstorm sandy and this week's blizzard. others are waiting for last-minute bargains. >> so, they come to us to get the last-minute shipping out. >> reporter: the only man that can ensure an on-time delivery, besides kriss kringle, is benjamin franklin. today, if you send a package from new york to los angeles, it will cost you $110. but guaranteed it will reach your doorstep by christmas eve. and fedex says the biggest hurdle they face is the weather. so, if the roads are clear, they
4:16 am
say channeces are, the package will get there on time. >> john schriffen, reporting from the heart of the action. ben aflfleck has created buz for many reasons over the year. from his romantic entanglements. >> there's talk he may jump into politics. and he is dropping a big hint. >> ben affleck dropping more than a hint in an interview with he has a verbal smackdown. as the political star and polish has ridden steadily. >> we think everybody knows hollywood. >> reporter: we know him as a movie star and director. his handsome face attracting magazine covers and beautiful women throughout his career. but increasingly, ben affleck's name is coming up as a powerhouse political candidate. now, in an interview, affleck
4:17 am
puts the brakes on all that speculation. saying politics is ugly, toxic, horrendous and complete bull [ bleep ]. strong words after speculation that affleck might launch a senate bid to fill john kerry's seat now that kerry has been tapped for secondary of state. but affleck says, the answer is, i don't want to run for office. and i don't like working in partisan politics. people get so wound up and so ugly now. >> my name is ben affleck. >> reporter: last week, affleck testified before congress on security concerns in the congo. he sat down to discuss politics and humanity concerns in africa on "this week." >> that's something that the united states can really have an impact on. >> reporter: but his youthful interest in a political career has been, quote, sublimated into a tremendous disillusion with the political process. which, as it turns out, is almost entirely about raising money.
4:18 am
affleck goes on to tell, i have gotten myself into politics, only to find out it took the wind out of my sail. it's much more interesting from the outside than the inside. he said he could have more of an affect on change working independently rather than a partisan politician. >> he's very impressive. he's read in on politics. thank you. time to check in with weather. over to ginger zee in chicago. good morning, ginger. >> good morning. that storm isn't quite done with us yet. parts of the northeast and new england, still dealing with it. and yesterday, it was cleveland. a little mixture of lake-effect snow and moisture from that storm. we have video from there. and i want to show you just what was happening. they had about three inches in cleveland proper. outside of it, a little more. and the lake-effect or lake-enhanc lake-enhanced snow is going to continue. 40 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour, the gusts will be, in a lot of the other places. you're seeing the red there. and the purple, too.
4:19 am
one thing i promised you was how cold it is in florida. that's the freeze warning. windchill advisories. 20s and 30s, from orlando, jacksonville, tall hasly, as well. >> an area i haven't been able to talk about, the sierras. i have a picture to share with you. you can find me on facebook and twitter. we got this one, beautiful, from northern california. they were continuing to get more
4:20 am
snow. and they will, with more storms. there's that colorful sky. thanks so much for sending them. we send it back in the studio now. >> thanks, ginger. i love the people in the security line behind you. hate being in line. but nice to have ginger there. now, to what may be a huge, medical breakthrough. a bionic suit, a sort of wearable robot, that can help paralyzed patients, people that never thought they would walk again. here's abc's muhammad lila. >> gentlemen, we can rebuild him. >> reporter: for years, we dreamed of the impossible. >> better than he was before. >> reporter: dreamed of building a bionic man. >> better, stronger, faster. >> reporter: today, those big dreams start with these tiny steps. >> mentally, it's a wonderful mealing to be upright and moving. >> reporter: 27-year-old aaron bloom was paralyzed after an accident two years ago. told he would never walk again. now, with each step, each grimace, he's defying the odds.
4:21 am
>> right now, i don't need anybody holding on to me. i can lift my hands up and put weight on the crutches and feel comfortable. >> reporter: it's thanks to this. the bionic suit. designed for soldiers to carry heavy loads. it's being used in southern california and elsewhere, to help paralyzed patients walk. the company behind it said since they developed the biology, they helped patients take more than 1 million steps. including some down the wedding aisle. this woman was paralyzed cliff jumping. she sees hope. >> it will change my life. >> reporter: as for bloom, learning how to use the suit took him weeks of practice. he knows it's not a perfect cure. but it is one step closer to one. >> i have no doubt that in my lifetime, there will be some sort of solution for spinal cord injuries. i firmly believe i'll be able to walk in the future. it's just a matter of time.
4:22 am
>> reporter: the suit costs $150,000. and there are different versions of it out there. in many cases, health insurance doesn't cover that cost. it is expensive. but the life-changing potential of this is definitely there. >> extraordinary. great story. coming up here on the broadcast, remember the actor who played the bully in "a christmas story." why did he recently get embroiled in a lawsuit over his famous role? and with christmas just three days away, we're talking holiday food. sara moulton is here with her favorite cookbooks of the year. can't wait for that. >> i'm a big cook, as you know. magic moment. an illusionist turning a rock and dirt into a diamond engagement ring. and asking his stunned girlfriend to marry him. the video has gone viral. we're going to talk to them here on this saturday before christmas. more to come. keep it here. [ male announcer ] introducing centrum flavor burst adult multivitamins...
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natural things are mixing together. i wanted to try kind of an experiment. >> we here at "gma," we love a good wedding proposal. this, caught on tape. an illusionist, otherwise known as a magician, surprising his girlfriend, by turning a dirt and a rock into an engagement ring. this video has gone viral. the happy couple is going to join us live here. good morning to you. >> this proves once again, women love creativity. it's the thought that counts. they're a cute couple. >> i have to write that down. >> the thought that counts. we love creativity. we are counting down to christmas with a look at the
4:30 am
best cookbooks of the year. we have spring rolls to a blueberry tart coming up. a book called "charred and scuff." sounds like my cooking. >> burnt and smoking. >> yes. we're going to begin this half hour with the bully from the holiday film, "a christmas story," in the middle of a grown-up fight. mark greenblatt is here. what's going on here? >> reporter: we're talking about one of the most famous bullies of all-time. the actor has grown up. and says the tables have turned, with corporate america being mean now to him. >> are you going to cry now? >> reporter: you probably know zach ward as one of the most famous and feared bullies of all-time. scott farcus, the them nis of ralphie in "a christmas story." he's the one getting bulled now, by the maker of a board game after that classic. he's suing the national
4:31 am
collectible entertainment association for fraud, claiming the company used his image without his permission and without paying him. >> it's not the way you're supposed to treat people. and in my gut, it felt unfair. and it was the perfect example of being bullied. >> reporter: ward said he did give permission for this action figure to be made. he claims that the national entertainment collectibles association never mentioned the board game. >> i had never been told about this. i was shocked. absolutely shocked. >> reporter: his lawsuit quotes e-mails from the movie studio, like this one, warning the board gamemaker, you cannot ship this product without approval from the actor. ward claimed the company tricked the studio into thinking it did have permission to make the games and sold thousands of them. >> they expected to me to roll over, suck my thumb and go home. and complain and whine about it. but really do nothing.
4:32 am
and i just couldn't do that. >> reporter: but the manufacturer's lawyer tells "gma," we had his consent. this has been a manufactured story from the beginning. but does concede they owe ward royalties. leaving, perhaps, the most famous bully ever, from ralphie in the movie, sometimes it does pay to fight back. and the attorney for that board gamemaker believes that zack ward is a washed-up actor whose career peaked at 13 years old. and claims his client got permission to use that image. they settled the lawsuit. and he is owed royalties. >> it's interesting to see him grown up. he doesn't look like a bully anymore. >> but still has the red hair. >> thanks. time to check in with ron and the other top stories. >> hi. good morning, everybody. in the news, president obama arrived in hawaii for his
4:33 am
holiday vacation, but with no deal. to keep the economy from going over the fiscal cliff. before leaving, the president pushed congress to approve a stripped-down measure to keep taxes from rising but for all of the wealthiest americans. and a former marine held in mexico for months is back home. jon hammar was arrested trying to cross into mexico with a shotgun that belonged to his great grandfather. and twinkies could be back on store shelves. the company says it's close to selling its brand. finally, a major milestone for the biggest viral video ever. psy's "gangnam style" has become the first video to reach, check this out, 1 billion views on youtube. in second place, i'm told, was a video by our friend, justin bieber. >> does the mayan end of the world prophecy didn't come true. but there are some signs. >> and by the way, my step kids
4:34 am
corrected me. it's "gangnam style." >> what did i say? >> it's "gangnam style." >> all right, bianna. we'll talk later. time for the weather and ginger zee at o'hare airport. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, ron. i know you lived here, too. it feels good to be home for a little bit. let's talk about your home and if you'll have a white christmas. let's get to a place that will have it. the sierras. if you're doing skiing, looking good. and more snow on the way. they could see up to five feet in the next couple of storms. the roads aren't going to be perfect. want to get the chains on in the higher elevations. let's look at the storms and what you can expect in the west coast. san francisco getting rain out of it. up in the higher elevations, more snow. that slips close to los angeles, back through early this week. and for the rest of the country, the white christmas forecast looks like this. snow depth is what you're seeing right now. and we're watching one storm
4:35 am
moving up the east coast, maybe getting outside the big cities. >> dan, bianna, i didn't get a chance to give my extreme team member, partner there, sam champion, a congrats. i want to do that. and send it back to you. >> we'll celebrate when you're back in new york, ginger. thanks. coming up on "good morning america," we are headed into the kitchen for a special treat. sara moulton who is here with her favorite cookbooks of the year. we're all hungry this morning. >> love to see sara. also, an illusionist's magical proposal. a dirt. a rock. and voila, an engagement ring. this video has gone viral. and voila, an engagement ring. this video has gone viral. keep it here. naturalood is the smart choice.
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♪ we are counting down to christmas. in honor of our 12 days of cooking, food editor sara moulton is here with a selection
4:40 am
of some of her favorite cookbooks of 2012. there were hundred you chose from. >> it was very hard this year. this is "the smitten kitchen" cookbook. what i love about it is she is a very serious home cook. i love reading the intro to each recipe. she developed and tested the recipes over and over again. it's a very cozy book. i love this book. and we have some cranberry crumb cake with mulling spices. >> she's not a chef, as well. >> she is home-taught. and did she teach herself a lot. she did. this is a -- yeah, we loved this man. there's been so many grilling books. but this one stands out. it's not -- it goes beyond with the techniques about how to get more flavor out of everything you grill. and he's quite unorthodox.
4:41 am
he'll rough up a piece of meat to get more flavor in the nooks and crannies. >> i'm more interested in a pamphlet about how to use a toaster. >> there's been a zillion gluten-free cookbooks. and this is one. but what got my -- and i've not been impressed until now. but the photography in this is amazing. this woman also has a blog. she's from the bask region of spain. and her husband and kids found out she was gluten-intolerant. but the photography's amazing. >> it's good to know if you have small children, you can serve them treats. >> by the way, this is a christmas treat from that area. it's hazel nut and cinnamon and vanilla soup. >> i've never heard a recipe described as come hither. >> this is a vietnamese home cooking by charles phan.
4:42 am
he's the owner of the slanted door in san francisco. i eat there every time i'm in san francisco. he gives you the ingredients and techniques, that you'll become as familiar with this as italian and french cooking. it will become part of your daily repertoire. vietnamese food done this way is exciting. >> moving on. >> this is for the dessert impaired like me. i'm not good at desserts. this woman is an accomplished author and pastry chef. she took the ingredients, not the awful stuff with the additives. and put them together in creative ways. you look like a dessert genius. >> sometimes pastry chefs are overlooked. >> this makes it easy, that the three of us can do this. and your guests will go, that's amazing. this is a fun, little book.
4:43 am
these gals took big dishes and shrunk them down. and i don't like to entertain. i don't know if you do. >> yes. >> yeah. >> well, i don't. >> you had a christmas party. >> do you do the cooking, dan? >> no. >> if i didn't do the cooking, maybe i would entertain. >> i do dishes. >> this cook made me want to throw a party. >> really? >> it's just so much fun. you know, you have little, tiny, onion rings and little, tiny, sandwiches. and philly cheesesteaks. and they're tiny. >> many more. there's at least 15 more on the website. it was a very difficult year to choose. but great books we've got here. >> sara, thanks so much. merry christmas to you. and as sara said, you can find more information available on on yahoo! coming up here on the broadcast, a unique marriage proposal. how an illusionist made a
4:44 am
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okay. so, this is the proposal we've been talking about all morning. sean emory is a magician, or an illusionist. he pulled a track on his girlfriend. he said he was going to do a magic trick and needed her to videotape it. take a look at what happened next. >> a little leaf. a little dirt.
4:49 am
turn them into something really special. andrea, will you marry me? please? >> yes. >> i love you. you know you filmed your own proposal? >> that's incredible. >> it's great they had another camera there. andrea could not be relied on for accurate filming at that moment. sean and andrea are with us, via skype. first of all, congratulations. andrea, i'm dying to know how did you feel at that moment when you saw that ring in his hand? >> i was just shocked. i mean, you know, i film him doing magic tricks all the time. i wasn't expecting that because, you know, we do that all the time. so, yeah. i wasn't expecting it at all.
4:50 am
it was awesome. >> it's clear you were surprised there. what an emotional proposal that was. sean, you've been together for five years. you seemed very poised. were you nervous at all during this proposal? >> no. i was so ready. i was, like, let's do this. like, i was like jumping up and down. like, ready to go. yeah. i waited five years. >> that's great. sean, how do you top this at the wedding? can you make your in-laws disappear? i mean, what's your next play here? >> i'm actually working on the in-law vanish right now. >> oh. >> i love you guys. sorry. yeah. we're actually planning on maybe doing a bigger illusion at the wedding, to kind of carry on. follow through with it. >> yep. >> sean and andrea, you're a gorgeous couple. the proposal was, indeed, magical. and we really appreciate you coming on this morning. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, you guys. >> bye, guys.
4:51 am
>> take a leaf. a rock. that's it. >> bianna's perfecting this. we'll be right back. keep it here. more "gma" after the break. ♪ nothing to show. ♪ i didn't plan.... ♪ gifts for the fam. ♪ panic for me... ♪ anxiety. ♪ why do i wait? ♪ procrastinate. ♪ what should i do? ♪ brought nothing new. ♪ i will be shunned. ♪ son will be bummed. ♪ maybe i can re-gift this blender. ♪ what would your 8 year old do with a blender? ♪ think more clearly... ♪ what's this i see? ♪ target has a way. ♪ new deals today. ♪ last minute sale... ♪ thanks for the bail. ♪ gifts on the way. ♪ target saves the day. [ female announcer ] with depression, simple pleasures can simply hurt. the sadness, anxiety, the loss of interest.
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that's it for the show. thank you for watching. good-bye, ginger. she will be live from chicago, back to new york tomorrow. we're always online at on yahoo! make sure you watch "world news" with david muir. i'm only in my 60's...
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good morning, i'm katie marzullo. it's 5:00 a.m. and let's start you off with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> good morning. take a look at the san mateo bridge. we have some very heavy rain hitting the peninsula right now. you can see the wind is blowing, winds out of southeast and it looks like a very stormy time of it this morning. live doppler 7-hd shows the heaviest up in the north bay. gusty winds, over 45 miles an hour. wind gusts up to 54 miles an hour embedded


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